Halalwet in Turkije start 4 juni - HQC is geacrediteerd voor HAK

Exciting news for Halal consumers and producers: As the sole authoritative body for Halal accreditation in the Republic of Türkiye, the Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK) has been actively accrediting organisations in line with the OIC/SMIIC Halal Standard Series. Starting June 4th, 2023, it's now mandatory for entities providing halal conformity assessment for products to have HAK accreditation.

In a groundbreaking legislative move to bolster the credibility of Halal certification, an amendment to Law No. 7060 now makes it obligatory for organizations issuing Halal conformity assessments for products and services in and to the Turkish market to be accredited by the Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK). This pivotal law, taking effect on June 4th, 2023, applies to both domestic products and imports within the scopes provided by HAK's accreditation services.

We are thrilled to announce that the Halal Quality Control Group has received accreditation in advance from HAK to issue Halal certificates worldwide across a full range of scopes until at least January 2024.

As one of the very few HAK-accredited bodies in Europe so far, we are paving the way by extending our accreditation scopes to Categories CIV and K to cover these sectors from 2024 to 2026.

In our ongoing commitment to prompt and efficient service, we have partnered with HAK-accredited laboratories for expedited service solutions tailored to our customers in Türkiye. This service is specifically catered to high-risk and critical products.

Important notice for companies exporting Halal products to Türkiye: ensure your Halal certificate is HAK-accredited. Without it, your products may be denied entry or dismissed at border control.

We encourage you to apply in good time to avoid any potential disruptions.

For further details, please visit the official HAK website at english.hak.gov.tr. We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality Halal certification services.

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Onze website gaat verhuizen

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