Our very own HQC ID, also known as Halal Quality Control Information Day, represents our annual conference where our customers, partners, colleagues, guest speakers, and associates gather to be presented with our keynotes of the year. New projects, services, products, and goals are announced annually during the HQC ID event. On top of all this, a Halal HACCP system training is provided by the Halal Academy of Europe for those wishing to receive this training.
In March 2022, the HQC ID took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. HQC ID will also available in Germany, France, and Italy.

Video of the Event

Overview HQC ID The Netherlands, March 2022:

- 56 participants in total [fully booked]

- Organized in the Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht

- 95% positive feedback [based on 30 reviews]

- Guest speakers from the sector accreditation, consultancy and logistics

- 100% passed Halal Management Team members [based on an exam after the Halal training]